Lucas Maystre

photo of Lucas Maystre

Hi, I'm Lucas, a research scientist at Spotify in London, UK. My research interests revolve around machine learning, algorithms and statistics.

I got my PhD in 2018; my thesis is about efficiently learning preferences from comparisons and was supported by a Google PhD fellowship.

  1. June 2020, our paper on comparison-based search has been accepted at ICML 2020.
  2. April 2020, our paper on recommendations and diversity has been accepted at WWW 2020.

A method for learning preferences in a network from marginal (node-level) traffic data.


A dataset of 2.7+ million pairwise comparison outcomes that explores the emotional content of animated GIFs.

Bits of ML

Brief summaries & key insights of selected topics in machine learning.

Vim from scratch

Getting started with the Vim text editor. I started using Vim in 2009 and never looked back since.